The EZ Pleating SystemTM
Yardage and Pricing Calculators Provide accurate yardage and pricing estimates for your customers using a Web browser and Internet connection from anywhere you are – on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. There is nothing to download, and nothing to install! The following calculators are included with your subscription:


• Pleat spacing calculator
• Pleated drapery yardage and pricing calculator
NEW! Ripplefold yardage and pricing calculator
• Rod pocket drapery yardage and pricing calculator
• Café curtain yardage and pricing calculator
Pleating Calculators Sew perfect pleats each and every time without the need for complicated math or special equipment. The EZ Pleating System is so simple to use it can be mastered in a matter of minutes by both the beginner and the most advanced fabricators. No charts, no look-up tables, no guessing! Simply logon, enter your finished dimensions and let the EZ Pleating Calculator tell you exactly where to place your pleat markings on your fabric while making certain that your seams will always be hidden next to a pleat.


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Workroom Tools If simplicity and efficiency is what you are after, the EZ Pleating Gauge and the EZ Pleating Rulers are a must have. Use these workroom tools to make pleat marking as easy as color-by-numbers. Click to Learn more!
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a drapery and curtain workroom tool for yardage and pricing quotes and estimates.
How It Works
Whether you use our pleat and spacing calculators, or our yardage and pricing calculators, you can count on instant, accurate results! Login from anywhere you are using any compatible device to access your account. Using nothing more than a web browser and an Internet connection you can provide yardage and pricing estimates for your customers, or pleating instructions for your workroom staff. There is nothing to download and nothing to install! click to learn more.
cloud software for the window treatment workroom fabricator.
Workroom Pricing
Your workroom's pricing is stored online and is automatically integrated into each window treatment calculator. There are up to twelve user defined pricing fields in each calculator that you can customize to suite your quoting needs. Save as many quotes and pleating calculations as you like and retrieve them any time and on any device. Print detailed work orders with fool proof cutting instructions. click to learn more.
learn how to pleat drapery and how to pleat curtains using the EZ Pleating System.
Guest Access
Want to share your account with a guest? Using the members dashboard you can create a guest user account and password and share this information with a customer, employee or friend. Your guest user can use our calculators without being able to change your pricing. click to learn more.
estimating and quoting software for designers and decorator of soft goods and window treatments.
You can upload your company logo and have it included with your pleat calculations and your yardage and pricing estimates. Customize a co-branded login page with your company's name, logo, address and welcome message and link this page to your website, or book mark it in your web browser. Share this co-branded login page link with your guest to allow shared access to your account. click here to learn more. click to learn more.

Sign up today and put the power of the EZ Pleating System™ to work for you! Become a drapery and curtain pleating expert in a matter of minutes using our tried and true pleating system. No complicated formulas. No wasted time marking and remarking your panels. No lost hours at your work table pulling your hair out while trying to mark your pleats. Simply login, enter your rod width, fabric width, overlap size, return size, desired pleat and spaces sizes, and get instant pleat marking instructions.

Don't delay another second! It's costing you more money by not having access to our EZ Pleating System™. Get started now and watch your drapery workroom profits grow!