The EZ Pleating SystemTM

EZ Pleating System™ Online Subscription

Get started today with a one-year subscription and have unlimited access to our EZ Pleating System - the most amazing pleating product ever created!

The EZ Pleating System is so simple to use it can be mastered in a matter of minutes by both the beginner and the most advanced fabricators. No charts, no look-up tables, no guessing! Simply logon, enter your finished dimensions and let the EZ Pleating Calculator tell you exactly where to place your pleat markings on your fabric while making certain that your seams will always be hidden.

Sew perfect pleats each and every time without the need for complex math or special equipment. Thanks to our revolutionary EZ Pleating System, pleating is a snap. No prior pleating experience is needed. Get started today and put the power of the EZ Pleating System to work for you for an entire year.

EZ Pleating System One Year Online Subscription
  • One year subscription
  • Guaranteed to hide your seams
  • No look up tables
  • No math required
  • Eliminates the guesswork
  • Windows and MAC compatible
  • iPad, iPhone, Android compatible
  • Seamlessly works with our optional rulers and Gauges
  • Drapery Yardage calculator included
  • Internet access required
Item Number: EZCALC_1YEAR

Quantity: $149.95