The EZ Pleating SystemTM

About The EZ Pleating System

A drapery pleating system that is easy to use and is designed specifically for use by the drapery workroom operator who specializes in fabricating pleated drapery and pinch pleated curtains. For almost a decade now, we've been doing what we always do - working tirelessly to address the needs of the workroom owner and operator. Thanks to the input and direction given to us from industry experts like you, we've been able to create the most amazing drapery pleating product ever—now available on the PC, MAC, iPad and Android devices.

The EZ Pleating System is so simple to use that it can be mastered in a matter of minutes by both the beginner and the most advanced fabricators. No charts, no look-up tables, no guessing! Simply logon, enter your finished dimensions and let the EZ Pleating System tell you exactly where to place your pleat markings on your fabric while making certain that your seams will always be hidden next to a pleat or space.

We've heard from countless workrooms about how much they dislike pleating drapery. In fact, a good number of them shy away from pleated drapery because of the complications associated with the pleating process. They enjoy making and sewing the panels - it is the complicated mathematics that are required to figure the pleat spacing and pleat take up calculations that scares them away.

Are you ready?  Get started with the EZ Pleating System and enjoy making money with pleated drapery.

Some use a pencil, paper and a calculator as their starting point. They make marks on paper or buckram in a desperate attempt to arrive at uniform, consistent spacing. They mark and erase and mark and erase until there is no eraser left on the pencil. Others use an elastic band that stretches across the fabric while referencing charts and look up tables to guide them with their markings. Regardless of the method that is used, one thing is clear - traditional pleating methods are tedious, inaccurate and cost time and money.

We've also learned that many workrooms leave the pleating to one particular person who has acquired the skills to get the job done. We all know what happens when that one person is not accessible! Everything comes to a halt!

The EZ Pleating System solves the problem.  Pleat your drapery, curtains and panels without complex math.

Thanks to our revolutionary EZ Pleating System, you can sew perfect pleats each and every time without the need for complex math, special equipment, or dedicated personnel. Anyone can become a pleating expert in minutes - and best of all, no prior pleating experience is needed. With our EZ Pleating System, an Internet connection, and your computer, tablet or smart phone - you can start making money with pleated drapery today.

Let the EZ Pleating Ruler help you mark your pleats and spaces when pleating your drapery panels and your curtains.  A must have workroom table ruler for the drapery professional.

We've been able to help so many fabricators learn how to make perfect pleats without any special skills or experience. Now it's your turn!

Are you ready?  Get started with the EZ Pleating System and enjoy making money with pleated drapery.

Become a pleating expert with the EZ Pleating System and start making money with pleated drapery today!

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