The EZ Pleating SystemTM

What's Included?

Don't let the name fool you. The EZ Pleating System™ is more than just the best pleating system ever created. It is also a collection of online quoting and production tools for the window treatment professional.

Using nothing more than a web browser and an Internet connection, you can generate accurate yardage and pricing estimates for your drapery window treatment projects. Our point-and-click solution makes it possible to be up and running in minutes without the need for specialized training.

Included in your Online Subscription
EZ Pleating Calculators
Pleated Drapery Calculator
Ripple Fold Drapery Calculator
Rod Pocket Drapery Calculator
Cafe Curtain Calculator
Unlimited Access
Free Support

Included with your subscription is:

Pleat Spacing Calculators - The most advanced pleating system ever created. It is so simple to use that it can be mastered in minutes by both the beginner and the most experienced fabricators. There are no charts, no look-up tables and no guessing! Simply logon, enter your finished dimensions, and let the EZ Pleating Calculator™ tell you exactly where to place your pleating marks on your fabric while guaranteeing that your seams will always be hidden. Yes, it is that simple!

Yardage and Pricing Calculators - Just like our pleat spacing calculators, our yardage and pricing calculators are easy to use and can be mastered in minutes. Each yardage and pricing calculator includes real-time yardage calculations for linings, trims and face fabrics as well as labor pricing using your workroom's pricing. Our yardage and pricing calculators take the guess work out of the estimating process and make it possible for you to provide accurate estimates for your customers in minutes. In addition, each yardage and pricing calculator generates a detailed work order with fabric cutting instructions to help streamline the fabrication process. See the above captioned box for a listing of yardage and pricing calculators that are included with the EZ Pleating System™.

There is nothing else needed or required to use our online services. There is nothing to download, and nothing to install. Use your iPad, iPhone, Android device or your desktop computer and visit Enter your login name and password and your good to go!

You can subscribe on a month-to-month basis, or for six months or one year. You can cancel at anytime without penalty.

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