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Ripplefold Drapery Yardage and Pricing Calculator

The most amazing Ripplefold calculator available anywhere!

We know that most people who fabricate ripplefold drapery are referencing complicated charts to figure the amount of fabric required to fit their ripplefold panels on a given track size. These charts have rows and columns of data that will make you dizzy.

ripple fold drapery yardage and pricing software for the window treatment professional.

Before you can scan the chart to locate your data, you first have to do a little math. The reason being is that the charts include calculations for one way draw panels only. If you are fabricating a pair of center opening panels, you'll first have to divide your rod width in half before scanning the chart. After you have your rod width calculation in hand, you'll need to scan the chart to locate the hemmed panel width size and the number of carriers and buttons required for your panels. Because the chart includes data for 60%, 80%, 100% and 120% fullness, you'll have to be certain that you are scanning the correct column, or you'll get the wrong data.

We've also noticed that when using these charts, they don't include any fabric for your return. The charts seem to assume that you won't need a return. Imagine fabricating your panels using the chart data only to discover that your panels don't return to the wall when installed? Your customer won't be very happy with you, will they?

Not only do the ripplefold charts not include your return, they are also very frustrating and time consuming and leave so many opportunities for mistakes. Imagine fabricating a pair of panels using a number from the chart only to discover that you made the panels with 60% fullness when you intended on 100% fullness.

Fortunately, there is a better way! A much better way!

Let me introduce you to the most amazing ripplefold calculator ever created. This ripplefold calculator not only does all the calculations for you to arrive at your desired fullness, it also calculates yardage and pricing for you. No charts, no graphs and no tables to search through. But that's not all. This amazing software tool also calculates the amount of snap button tape that you will need, the total number of carriers for your track, and provides you with a visual diagram of your project illustrating each and every ripplefold to make sewing your panels a breeze. You don't need any ripplefold drapery experience to use it. Anyone in your workroom can now make ripplefold drapery without waiting on someone to make the calculations for you.

How would you like to sew perfect ripplefold drapery panels each and every time without the need for charts, tables or special training? You can! Thanks to our revolutionary system, ripplefold drapery is a snap. Anyone can become a ripplefold drapery expert in minutes - and best of all, no prior experience is needed. To make sure that everyone can use this fabulous system, we've designed it to work on any computer. Use our software on your Apple or Windows based desktop computer, or on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Sign up today and put the power of our ripplefold calculator to work for you.

ripplefold drapery calculator for your iphone, ipad and android devices. Use to calculate ripplefold yardage, carrier spacing and to learn how to make ripplefold drapery

The EZ Pleating System helps you pleat drapery and curtain panels without using charts or complicated math.  This is a must have pleating system for drapery workrooms and drapery fabricators.

The EZ Pleating Systems solves the drapery pleating problem for window treatment fabricators and workrooms without any complicated mathematics or charts.

At, we've been doing what we always do - working tirelessly to address the needs of the workroom owner and operator. Thanks to the input and direction given to us from industry experts like you, we have completed the development of the most amazing ripplefold software calculator ever created! The ripplefold calculator is so simple to use it can be mastered in a matter of minutes by both the beginner and the most advanced fabricators. No charts, no look-up tables, no guessing! Simply logon, enter your finished dimensions and let the ripplefold calculator tell you exactly how to fabricate your panels. You ask, "how could it be that simple? Is this even possible?". Well it is! We've created a online software calculator that makes it possible for you to sew perfect ripplefold drapery each and every time without ever having to perform a single calculation.

Are you ready to become an expert in pleating your drapery panels and curtains?

As a workroom professional you know that you can't fabricate something until you sell it. We've got you covered there too! Using our easy to use ripplefold calculator, you can also quote fabric yardages, lining yardages and ripplefold button tape yardages - as well as labor and materials pricing. Yes, that's right. A single tool that can do all the math for you, provide you with a graphical illustration of your project, and also provide a full estimate for your customer including yardage and pricing. You can now provide your customers with instant and accurate information and close your sales faster.

Now that you know about the most amazing ripplefold software product ever created, don't waste another minute of your time with chart based ripplefold systems! They are costing you time, money, and a lot of frustration.

ripplefold drapery yardage and pricing software for the window treatment professional.

The EZ Pleating System helps you pleat drapery and curtain panels without using charts or complicated math.  This is a must have pleating system for drapery workrooms and drapery fabricators.
So, how do we do it? What makes our ripplefold calculator so simple and accurate to use?

We spent countless hours reviewing how you and other workroom owners and operators fabricate ripplefold drapery. We learned everything we could about the process and then did what we do best. We simplifiedthe process and created a software product to do as much of the work for you as possible. You'll still need to sew the ripplefold panels yourself, but we know that is the part of the job that you love.

Let me walk you through some of the features of the ripplefold software calculator:

  1. It is an Internet cloud based software solution that can be accessed from anywhere with a simple login name and password.
  2. Compatibility with the PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.
  3. Easy to use with visual ripplefold instructions that anyone can follow.
  4. Fabric layout and cutting instructions included
  5. Calculates the number and placement of all snap buttons
  6. Easily select between 60%, 80%, 100% and 120% fullness
  7. Select between an overlap master carrier and a butt style master carrier
  8. Easy to read instructions based on 1/8" increments on a standard ruler.
  9. Printable instructions in detailed format on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
  10. Yardage and pricing calculations making quoting a snap.
  11. Yardage and pricing calculations can be emailed to a customer or peer.
  12. No charts! No look-up tables. No complicated math.
  13. Free email based support

The EZ Pleating System helps you pleat drapery and curtain panels without using charts or complicated math.  This is a must have pleating system for drapery workrooms and drapery fabricators.
There is no better time than right now to take control and put our ripplefold software to work for you.

By simply following our ripplefold process, it is impossible to get it wrong. Our system is laid out in a very easy "paint-by-number" format. I don't want to see you passing up ripplefold drapery panel projects that can make you money just because you are intimidated by the process. Don't send those panels out to a larger workroom to get them done. With our ripplefold software system, you can do the work in house, have better control over your projects, and keep all the money for yourself.

Let me walk you through the steps that you'll personally experience when using the ripplefold calculator.

  1. Login and enter your rod width, master carrier type, fullness and finished length. Click the calculate results button.
  2. Review the on-screen results and print the easy-to-read instructions on your printer.
  3. Follow the printed instructions and sew together all of the individual cut pieces of fabric that are required to make a single panel. Prepare your linings and assemble your panels by closing all hems (bottom, sides and tops).
  4. Cut your snap button tape to the length as per the instructions and attach to the back side of your panel near the top.
  5. Attached your return and master carrier button as per the instructions.
  6. Install your finished panel on the track

We've provided you with a lot of information here because we want you to have a good understanding of how our ripplefold software calculator works and what you should expect from it when you put it to use in your own workroom.

The sample visual ripple instructions below illustrate how easy it is for you to make ripplefold drapery. The ripplefold calculator generates instructions that tell you exactly how to fabricate your ripplefold panels for a fool-proof error free job every time.

Sample ripplefold visual instructions designed to make the ripplefold drapery and curtain pleating process a snap for drapery workroom professionals and fabricators.

The EZ Pleating System helps you pleat drapery and curtain panels without using charts or complicated math.  This is a must have pleating system for drapery workrooms and drapery fabricators.
I've been able to help so many workrooms learn how to sew perfect ripplefold panels without any special skills or experience, and now I want to help you!

Just think about it: a month from now you will look back and wonder why the ripplefold fabrication process was so complicated! Stop turning away profitable work and arm yourself with the tools you need to make great money with ripplefold drapery.

By now you are asking yourself what would a system that can do all of this cost me and can I afford it? Since our goal is to have everyone in the industry using our ripplefold calculator, we have priced a one-year subscription at the unbelievably low price of: $149.95 and a six-month subscription at the unbelievably low price of $79.95. That's only $0.41/day for unlimited access to the tools that you need to achieve perfect ripplefold panels each and every time. But that's not all. We are bundling our ripplefold software with our EZ Pleating Calculator, our Traversing Pleated Drapery Calculator, our Café calculator and our rod pocket drapery calculator to help you generate instant, accurate yardage calculations for your drapery projects.

There is really nothing to think about! For less than a cup of coffee each day, you can put the power of the ripplefold software calculator to work for you.

Don't delay another second! It's costing you more money by not having our ripplefold system. Order today and watch your profits grow!


Christopher LoPresti

PS: Remember, you don't need any prior experience; you don't need any specialized training. All you need is access to our EZ Pleating System for access to our library of online calculators, each and every time.

If your a window treatment fabricator or drapery workroom then this is a must tool to have for your pinch pleated drapery projects.