The EZ Pleating SystemTM

Top Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is the EZ Pleating System™ better than other pleating systems?

The EZ Pleating System™ is a Web based software product that calculates pleating instructions for pleated drapery. It is the only pleating system that calculates accurate pleating instructions based on your exact sewn together panel measurements. No other pleating system knows exactly where your seams are and therefore cannot produce precise results. All other pleating systems in the marketplace are based on charts and tables that make assumptions as to where you seams might be. The truth is, that none of these systems are accurate because they are merely estimating your seam location. The EZ Pleating System™ is the only system available that does all of the calculations for you and guarantees that all of your seams will be hidden next to a pleat or space. The reason why our system is so accurate is because it always knows where your seams are regardless of your fabric width, pattern matching and other variables.
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What does the EZ Pleating System™ cost?

The EZ Pleating System™ is sold on a subscription basis. After you become a subscriber, you will have unlimited access to the pleating system from any of your Internet connected devices including your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android phone. You can login from home, your workroom or from anywhere there is an Internet connection. To make sure that your are never without the EZ Pleating System, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period unless you choose to cancel it. Click here for current pricing.
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What is included with the EZ Pleating System™?

The EZ Pleating System™ is sold on a subscription basis and includes everything that is needed to produce accurate pleating instructions for all of your drapery pleating products. The EZ Pleating Ruler™ and the EZ Pleating Gauge™ are sold separately. Although these two fantastic accessory products are not required to use the EZ Pleating System™, they do help make the process even easier.
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Can I use the EZ Pleating System™ on my iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or Android smart phone?

Yes! The EZ Pleating System™, available at, is iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android smart phone compatible. Because there are so many smartphone devices available today, we recommend that you test our services on a new device before you purchase it. Naturally, you can use a PC or Mac too!
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Are the EZ Pleating Rulers required to use the EZ Pleating System™?

No! The EZ Pleating Rulers™ are optional. These clever work table rulers work in conjunction withe the EZ Pleating System™ and are available in left-to-right and right-to-left styles. These rulers are high quality, self-adhesive, 1" wide x 144" long and are designed to attach permanently to your work table or straight edge. What makes these rulers a "must have" is the easy to read 1/8" graduation markings prominently displayed in both numeric and alphanumeric format. These are the only work table rulers available with labels for each 1/8 graduation. If you have these rulers attached to your work table, the EZ Pleating System™ can produce instructions using the alpha coding system making the pleating process as easy as color-by-numbers.
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Is the EZ Pleating Gauge required to use the EZ Pleating System™?

No! The EZ Pleating Gauge™ is optional. However, if simplicity is what you are after, the EZ Pleating Gauge is a must have device. The gauge works hand in hand with the EZ Pleating Calculator's printed instructions, making it possible to mark your pleats and spaces with minimal effort.
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Does the EZ Pleating System™ use charts or tables to generate results?

No! The EZ Pleating System™ does not rely on charts or tables. There is nothing for you to do expect enter your rod width, return and overlap size, the number of fabric widths you are working with, and your seam locations. The EZ Pleating System™ will then calculate a "best fit scenario" for your panels. The pleating instructions are guaranteed to produce accurate pleating instructions that will hide your seams and assure that your panels will fit your rod width perfectly!
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Will I always have the same number of spaces and pleats per width of fabric?

No! The EZ Pleating System™ does not predetermine a number of pleats or spaces per width of fabric. The reason why this cannot, and should not be done is that there is no way to know how many pleats and spaces can go into a given width until after the panels are sewn together. Pattern matching may reduce the width of each panel and therefore reduce the number of pleats and spaces that can fit in a width. The EZ Pleating System™ does all of the complex mathematics for you after you enter your project details and seam locations. All you have to do is enter accurate measurements and you will get perfect pleating instructions each and every time.
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How many widths of fabric will the EZ Pleating System™ be able to pleat?

14! The EZ Pleating System™ will pleat up to 14 widths of fabric for you, and will do this in a matter of seconds. Don't try that at home.
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Can the EZ Pleating System™ pleat railroaded seamless fabric?

Yes. There is an option for pleating seamless fabric. When pleating seamless fabric, the EZ Pleating System™ requires that you enter the total width of the seamless panel before being hemmed. When working with seamed fabric, you are required to enter the number of widths of fabric that you are using and also provide the location of each seam. All other steps are the same.
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Can I choose my space size and pleat size?

Yes. You have the ability to choose your space size and your pleat size. However, it is important to point out that although you can choose your space size and your pleat size, the EZ Pleating System™ will automatically make adjustments in order to hide your seams and fit your rod width. The mathematics behind the calculations may not allow your exact requested sizes. You can adjust your calculations and re-run them time and time again until you are satisfied with the results. Tip: If you don't like the size of the space or pleat that the EZ Pleating System™ calculated for you, increase or decrease the target space size and try again. Larger space sizes result in fewer spaces, fewer pleats and less fullness - and requires less fabric. Smaller space sizes result in more spaces, more pleats and more fullness - and requires more fabric.
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What web browser can I use with the EZ Pleating System™

The EZ Pleating System™ is compatible with all modern web browsers including: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Because the EZ Pleating System™ leverages HTML5 and Javascript, your web browser must support HTML5 and have Javascript enabled.

If you are using an older web browser, you can download an update from the company's web site for free.
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Can I calculate yardage estimates for my pleated dreapey panels?

Yes! The EZ Pleating System™ includes a traversing pleated drapery yardage calculator.

Use our yardage calculator to quickly and accurately calculate the amount of fabric, trim and linings needed to fabricate your panels. Provide this information to your customers and close the sale quickly and confidently. The yardage calculator also includes fabric cutting information to help you when fabricating your panels.
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