The EZ Pleating SystemTM

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Below are many of the common frequently asked questions from visitors and subscribers of our web site. Click here to return to the frequently asked questions home page.

Can the EZ Pleating System™ pleat panels that are already hemmed?

The EZ Pleating System™ expects that your panels are not hemmed on either side before you make and record all of the required measurments on the EZ Pleating Worksheet. All measurements are to be taken before side hems are folded and sewn. Once you have taken all of the required measurements, you can proceed to assemble your linings and hem the top, bottom and the leading edge. The return side hems should not be folded and sewn in until after the EZ Pleating System processes your data and you are satisfied with the results.

The reason why you must leave the return side hem unhemmed is that you may need to trim off a small amount of fabric from the return side unhemmed edge in order to pleat your drapery with consistent pleats and spaces. If your panels are already hemmed, and trimming is required, you'll need to remove the return side hem, trim the fabric and re-hem the return edge. If your side hems are already sewn, and you do not want to remove them, there are ways to try and "trick" the system so that trimming is not required.

When working with sewn in side hems, you'll first need to verify and record all of the required measurements on your worksheet. In doing so, you'll need to add back in the side hems when measuring the panel's unhemmed width. For example, if you are working with a hemmed panel made from 1 1/2 widths of fabric, and your whole width measures 55" and your half width measures 23", you must add the hems back into your measurements and record the whole width as 58" and the half width as 26" (assuming that you are using double folded 1 1/2" hems").

If the EZ Pleating System generates results that do not require trimming, simply follow the pleating instructions with your hemmed panel and your are good to go. If the calculated pleating instructions require that you trim off fabric, you can change the maximum pleat size variation setting in the EZ Pleating System to a larger number and recalculate your pleating instructions. You can adjust the maximum pleat size variation setting until you get pleating instructions that do not require trimming. If you've tried all the different values and you are still required to trim off fabric, you can try to reduce or increase the target space size. If after trying all of the various combinations of space sizes and maximum pleat variation sizes and you still are required to trim off fabric, the best option then will be to remove your return hem, following the trimming instructions and re-hem your panel. NOTE: Never trim fabric off your panels without verifying that the pleating instructions meet your needs. You can simulate trimming by folding the trimmed portion back.
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Can I pre-select a certain number of pleats and spaces per panel?

Not directly. But in many cases you can configure the pleating options so that the number of pleats and spaces increase or decrease to meet your needs. But first, a little information that you need to know in order to tweak the EZ Pleating System™:

  • There will always be one more pleat than there are spaces.
  • Space sizes are directly related to the rod width, and not to the amount of fabric that you are working with.
  • Although you cannot directly request a certain number of spaces or pleats, you can alter the space size which will alter the number of pleats and spaces.
  • If you increase the space size, you reduce the number of spaces and pleats.
  • If you reduce the space size you increase the number of spaces and pleats.
  • In regards to the number of rings required, there will always be one more ring than there are pleats. This is because it is common practice to place a ring at the overlap edge of the panel.
  • All of the EZ Pleating System's™ output is based on a single panel.

To adjust the number of pleats and spaces, simply increase or decrease the target space size keeping in mind that the EZ Pleating System will automatically adjust your settings to arrive at consistent pleats and spaces.
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Will the EZ Pleating System™ guarantee that all space sizes are the same accross all widths?

Yes. All space sizes across an entire panel will always be the same. The pleats may vary slightly from pleat to pleat but all spaces will be the same size.
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What about the pleat sizes? Will they all be the same size or close in size to each other?

Pleat sizes will vary slightly from pleat to pleat. The variation is so insignificant that it cannot be detected by eye. You can adjust the maximum variation from pleat to pleat so that the largest pleat and the smallest pleat are within a certain range of each other - typically around 1/2 inch.
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If I don't like the results that the EZ Pleating System™ has generated, can I make adjustments?

Yes. You can calculate pleating instructions as many times as necessary in order to arrive at a pleat and space size, and a pleat and space count that meet your needs. You can adjust the target space size, the maximum pleat variation, the maximum pleat size and other settings until you achieve your desired results.
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Can I use the same login name and password on different compuers?

Yes. You can use the same login name and password from any Internet connected computer, compatible tablet or smart phone so long as no two devices are logged in at the same time. Your subscription includes a single user license to the EZ Pleating System™ for the duration of your subscription term.
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I have a promotional coupon code for the EZ Pleating System™. How can I use it to receive a discount?

Promotional coupons are added to your shopping cart in the same manner that you would add a product. Prior to adding the promotional coupon to your shopping cart you must first add the corresponding product or products. After you click the checkout button, you will be presented with a page that will allow you to enter your promotional coupon. If your coupon code is valid, and the promotion has not expired, the coupon will be added to your shopping cart and the associated discount will be applied. Our promotional coupons all have terms and conditions associated with them. Some require the purchase of a particular product while others apply to any and all products. Each coupon has an effective date and an expiration date. Be sure to use your coupon code before they expire.
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How can I get additional help in using the EZ Pleating System™?

The Frequently Asked Quesions pages are a great source of information. Read through all of the FAQ's to find answers to many common questions. If you still have a question that is not answered by our FAQ's, please submit your question through our contact us page and we'll be sure to get back to you. Most questions are answered within 24 hours.
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How can I create a PDF file of my pleating instructions?

To create a PDF file of your pleating instructions, you'll need to have a PDF printer driver installed on your computer. Many computers are shipped with an Adobe PDF printer driver installed. If your computer does not have a PDF printer driver installed, you can download a free version on the Internet. Here is a copy of one that we have used. It is called the free PDF printer driver by PDF4U. We have no affiliation with this company but have reliably used their product in the past with success.

To save your pleating instructions as a PDF file, simply load the EZ Pleating Calculator™ and enter your project information. Click the EZ Pleat My Drapery button. Click the printer icon on the EZ Pleating Instructions Overview page. When asked to select your printer, choose your PDF printer driver. You will be prompted to enter a file name and folder to save your file in. Choose a folder and file name that meets your needs. When you are finished, a new PDF file will be created on your computer.
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What is a guest user account?

When you first register with the EZ Pleating System, you are required to select a user name and password. The user name and password that you select is your primary user name and password and provides unlimitted access to all that the EZ Pleating System has to offer. If you were to share your user name and password with another user, the other user would be able to edit pricing data and see your personal account profile and billing information.

If you would like to allow one of your employees access to your account without giving them the ability to edit pricing data and other private information, you can create a guest account. A guest account allows another trusted person to use your account to generate yardage and pricing estimates and calculate pleating instructions without being able to change labor pricing and other private data. You can create a guest user name and guest password from the members home page. A guest user can login by clicking the login button and then clicking the "login as guest" link on the login page.

Think of it this way - you have two different login names and passwords to gain access to your account. Using your primary login name and password gives you unlimited access to your account. Using the guest login name and password gives limited access to your account.

Keep in mind that your account is a single user account and therefore you and your guest cannot be logged in at the same time. If you need multiple users logged in at the same time you will need multiple EZ Pleating System accounts.
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